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She has bright vibrant skin that keeps a natural glow.  Her thick skin is smooth but doesn't mean she is always the sweetest, it means she is tenaciouse, assertive, and unwaivering to any hitch. 



The strawberry lady has vibrant red colors that make her stand out in any crowd. Her texture is smooth and soft to show that she has the same sweetness as any ripe strawberry ready to be picked. 



Her lips carry the same juiciness as a ripe mango. Her golden skin glows even on the darkest days because she was meant to endure any obstacle that came in her path. Out of all of her sisters she has the thickest skin and cannot be breached by any minor inconvenience. 



Her earth toned lips are the unique out of her sisters because they are the only neutral colors in the fruit bowl that stand out. Her green skin shows that she is a well balanced individual that likes to learn and grow, just like how kiwis balance our own diets. 



Just like a normal peach she has the juiciest features from cheek bones to her lips. Her vibrant colors show that she has a lot of energy and life to give. Her curly hair is soft and fuzzy like a well picked peach.



Her long eyelashes bring out her bright blue eyes that never seem to tell a lie. Her bright plumped lips  resemble a sweet berry that is ready to be picked. Her stern look gives her the appearance that she should not be messed with. So she is a sweet and sour being just like a ripe blueberry. 

Fruit Ladies Prints

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